How much will one can of spray paint cover? – How To Spray Paint Art Surfboard For Sale

Here’s a good rule of thumb: 1x -1 ft.
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So this might vary, some places use 4x, others 2x. When you’re done… paint it all black…

Next, you can take out your brush and use the brush to create splotches around and along the edges of the piece.

Now you want to go ahead and cover the inside of the piece. Start by brushing the inside of the piece lightly. You’ll go through a few coats of your top coat because it’s going to be wet.

When you get the outside dry, you’ll need to go back over and paint the inside…

Now it’s time to go back over and cover the inside! This time it’ll be a little trickier because one of the edges is going to be a little flamed. But that’s a good problem to have.

You can do this on the outside first. You can use one of the spray paint brushes to wet the edge and then apply your primer over it. Go! I suggest you first apply some primer over the outside then put your paint brush down on the inside. Let it dry.

Then put a little more in there. So, when you do a coat of primer it’s best to let it dry there because there’s going to be more of it in some places and less in others.

Then apply your paint. Start with another coat so it dries quickly. Then apply the first coat and then use spray paint to paint the rest. Use this method all the time to make sure you’re getting all the layers of paint together so you can get this really nice, high gloss finish.

When the paint is dry, use a paint squeegee to scrape away the excess. That’s a good idea. Once you have that out of the way, you can do the rest of the paint job.

The last step is to go over the rest of the piece! If you do it right you’ll have this nice, smooth surface.

To get the perfect, beautiful finish we hope to see at Gather Up! on November 15th. Come on down and show us what you’ve got…

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