What was ballet originally used for? – Definition Of Social Dancing

To play an evil or funny character.

Doesn’t this imply that men, as a whole, are too ridiculous to play any sort of evil or funny character?

It doesn’t. It assumes the absurdity of men, and that is not true. (1)

Now I know you are going to complain about that last point, but, as I said, you will be dead wrong about this fact. Men have been playing bad guys on television their entire lives, as I show below. There has never been, nor will ever be a time when it is considered a “real” crime to pretend, or use any sort of comic element, to trick someone else into doing something they don’t want to.

And I am going to assume that most people, I suspect, are men. That means that all sorts of bad guys, from the most stupid to the most powerful are all played by men every single day.

That, more than anything, is why I’m doing this. I want to tell stories that are not merely gendered, but also are not based on stereotypes, or just stereotypes about men and men’s characters; I’m just doing it because I want to have fun writing, even if that story is going to have a bunch of male characters. I want to see my work be accepted as legitimate and thought-provoking, as opposed to just another, “real” crime fiction. And if we all share the same goal, it might not even take all that long.

The main characters in the story are real people, all of whom are white, male, heterosexual married men. What they’re after is a woman kidnapped and held hostage by a white, male married man.

When this story is over, I’m sorry to say that some male readers are going to say, “That’s not funny.” If you find that you are upset at the result, I encourage you to stop reading right now and don the next time I write this one and start, again, with a different guy. Go talk to your male friends, maybe some of whom are as good as me at “being funny,” and ask them what they think.

Do you know what you really want?

(1) As a bit of historical context, and again, just for completeness, here are the first 3 examples of what can happen as a result of a man playing a character who is not, or has not been, male.


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