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We call dance etiquette in social dancing ‘the dance of two or more’ – when there are two or more dancers. When there are two or more dancers (a dance partner or a partner of the dance partner), the dance will have more energy than an ensemble performance where only a handful of dancers are involved, which might have less energy.

To give some pointers on getting along with other dance parties, we created the “dance of two” guidelines below.

These guidelines are designed to help you avoid any awkwardness – especially among people who may be dancing in the beginning.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The FBI released photos on Monday of three men allegedly responsible for a Las Vegas strip club attack. According to the FBI, the men broke into The Paradise by the Sands on Sunday and shot two employees. As a result of the shooting the owner of the club is reported to be in serious condition.

One of the men had the following details to add.

“He (the owner) was shot and died, but the other two did not because I told them to get rid of the guns. I’m not mad. I’m just telling the truth,” a male caller claimed.

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Investigators have been in hot water in the past for their handling of threats on their website in which the FBI threatened to ruin an athlete’s life unless he stopped playing with guns.

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The Trump administration will propose a new, $1 trillion infrastructure package on Wednesday that could create at least 8 million new jobs, according to a report by Axios.

Accordingly, this will be the top priority for Republican and Democratic senators. It is unclear whether the legislation is even close to being enacted.

The proposal would fund about 60 percent of the President’s infrastructure plan, the proposal was reportedly leaked on Monday evening and was sent to lawmakers on Tuesday. The President has frequently criticized former President Obama for creating more than 100,000 jobs for infrastructure projects by not

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