Who has the best photo prints?

We asked five photographers to vote for their favorite of five best photos to hang in their home.

The new year in India is looking so promising with several companies planning to enter the Indian market, a number of which include tech giants who have already launched or are about to launch products in this country.

Microsoft is expected to be the first of these companies to enter the Indian market as the company is expected to unveil its latest Windows 10 IoT device at a press conference at 1pm on January 16 in New Delhi, the same day that the company introduces the Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphone respectively.

In a recent speech, Windows boss Terry Myerson had talked about the importance of Indian smartphone market with the US based company predicting that Indian smartphone market could reach $3 billion by 2020.

As per a report from Statista, it is estimated that India’s smartphone market has already reached the $1 billion range which is about 3 per cent larger than its total $0.7 billion (US) sales in 2015.

In a bid to meet the global demand for smartphones, the Microsoft has launched the Windows 10 IoT Development Kit with more than 1,000 applications to be used in developing Windows 10 IoT devices like Hubs, IoT hubs and IoT cameras that act as sensors, including the Microsoft Kinect and Kinect Infrared sensor, which will be used in IoT devices too.

We are no strangers to the story of men who take pleasure in doing their women and children wrong. In many parts of the world, male-on-male and male-on-female violence is rife, although to be honest, most of this violence is perpetrated by men who do not see it as a big deal or as a part of “a man’s manly man thing”.

And, if we’ve learned anything in this country, it’s that this stuff makes life difficult and exhausting.

But there are those with the balls to take a stand. A handful of Australian men are taking action against what they see as a crime on their honour and their women.

‘I’m a feminist, but I’m not in any hurry to get married,’ one man told me from South Australia. ‘I have a girlfriend who is in her 40s and I’d rather spend time with her. I want to have children with her.’

Another man in Canberra described his “magnificent woman” in an email to The Monthly.

‘This woman has always given me so much pleasure, I can’t wait to