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The world of creative marketing is filled with jobs – so many that I’d probably need a full-time jobs of my own to do one. But I got lucky when I discovered the skills I’m about to share. Now, most of these jobs (like many) just require work experience. To give you a hint, you don’t need to be an expert in a specific field. You just need to think outside of the box.

Here’s the top 6 creative marketing jobs, along with their education requirements.

1. Artist

This is where it’s really cool to work with photorealistic art. There is a ton of different styles available. You do a variety of things like designing logos and ads, editing photos and even running contests to win prizes. If you get a BSc in Photography and would prefer to work in a different field – Creative Director is definitely for you. You’ll probably find something on this list that will help out your creativity.

2. Designer

You can make your own unique designs like the one below. Or hire one of our designers. Their work ranges from concept art to product designs to posters. It’s all about creativity and being a master at the craft of creating awesome images.

If you’d like to do more marketing for real estate than the typical job, make sure you’re a designer with a bachelor level education & work experience.

3. Photographer

If you want to expand your career from your artistic side to your business side, then you should definitely consider a career as a photographer. If you’re looking for a career that combines creative photography with business savvy, then Photographers are for you. You’ll work in all different environments such as public art installations, marketing services, exhibitions & other non-creative photography jobs.

You are likely to learn more by interviewing than you’ll take in lectures or classes. The best way to learn is by spending time doing it yourself, and not by reading brochures.

4. Graphic Designer

If you want to apply this to other creative jobs, then you should go for the Graphic Design and Web Development programs. They can take you from concept to creation, which is definitely the first step to get you as a professional in marketing. If you’re looking for a more practical learning experience, then take it from the students, go to the student forums. And if you’re looking for something that actually builds on your creativity, then check out this course on marketing for beginners

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