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You’ll get started with a few simple assignments by sending me a photo. My schedule is usually 1-2 pages. As the assignment progresses, I’ll email back a rough draft with additional directions so there is no guess work. Once everything is in place, you’ll be assigned a general story or project, such as an episode of your favorite show, to take on.

When did your career with Vogue begin and did you ever work with Jean Paul Gaultier? How did you first get an assignment from Vogue? My first assignment was as the Vogue photo editor in 2007, which is a huge honor! I was the editor of Vogue from 2007 to 2009. I was also the photo coordinator of Vogue’s photography program, and was there when I realized how much I loved working with photographers. We’d go around the world for the first time in Paris—I was there at every shoot, in every location. For those of you who think that the fashion industry is some boring or monotonous thing, let me just say—I felt like there was a lot to see in there from the get-go!

What are the biggest things that you like to shoot during your career? My personal favorite, for my friends, is the world of photojournalism. Working at large publications and magazines really got me into writing, photography, and what I love most to do. Being a journalist was really a nice way to start my career and it paid the bills!

Is Vogue magazine something that you would like to photograph again? I’ve been in the Vogue photo department for almost 20 years and I honestly always hoped that I would go to Paris, New York, London, or other Vogue photo locations. It’s a little sad that they closed but I’ll never forget my time at Vogue. I still think the magazine is a great place to shoot and I’ll always love their style. I would love to work with some of my former colleagues in the Vogue photo department in the future.

What is your biggest challenge in life? I would say the big challenge to me is that I don’t do many things on the side. I have 3 jobs to do that keeps me busy during the day and also keeps me from spending much time out of the office. My work is what really allows me to stay grounded and busy—I just don’t have time to take time off for anything else.

If you could travel outside the continental US, where would you go

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