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This information was first posted with the release of the “Editor Profile” for Adobe Photoshop CS4 from June 2011 and applies specifically to Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS7. The CS5, CS6 and CS7 Profile are available in Adobe Creative Store ( and Adobe’s own website.

Please note that Adobe and Microsoft provide complimentary “Adobe Designer” tools to those who are already in Adobe’s Creative Studio suite of applications. For those unable to purchase a Creative Studio license, Adobe offers free access to its Professional Image Editing Pack and Professional Image Processing Pack.

If you’re not yet a member of Adobe’s Creative Suite program, you can become a full Adobe Creative Suite program Member by signing up online at

Is Photoshop “Adobe Certified”?

Yes, all Photoshop applications are certified under the “AdobeĀ® Creative Suite” program, which is the recognized umbrella term for the full Adobe Creative Suite product line. Photoshop’s current product line, the Creative Suite, is available in the Adobe Store through online download.

However, for those who are not yet in Adobe’s program but are looking to take advantage of the full Adobe Creative Suite experience, Photoshop is “unified” across its products: Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS. If you are a member of the Adobe Creative Suite program, you can download and install the Adobe Creative Suite on Windows, Mac and Linux in a single step. It has never been easier to get started at an amazing price with Photoshop CC.

If you are looking to use your Photoshop licenses free of charge, you can find a full list of license options across the line here.
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What if I am already a member of Adobe’s Creative Suite program?

As a member of Adobe’s Creative Suite program, you can download the program and install it, but without the tools and tutorials to use it with existing products.

While the new Photoshop CC is the most powerful way to get started editing photos, there is a wide variety of free photo editing applications available to users within the Creative Suite as well. Adobe provides additional tools from other Creative Suite products, such as the Lightroom and Photoshop CC Lightroom Presets.

How do I apply to become a Professional Professional Photo Editor?

Professional Photo Editors (Photoshop, Light

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