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When you have a well-run business, your turnover is almost invariably very good. The profits will rise in proportion to the number of people you have working to produce the product. This isn’t to say that a high turnover will mean higher revenues. It is, however, always a very good thing if it can be justified, because that means more of those people are employed at all times.

Rover has an unusual policy of keeping people on board only to the extent that they can give us better value for money. This is to ensure that we’re not getting sucked into the high-cost market of other companies that are trying to be even cheaper.

What do you tell your employees?
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My employees will be kept in the know all the time by word of mouth. Everyone is treated with respect – and given a voice. I believe that if people are given a voice and are listened to, if they are given an idea what is going on and what is the current state of affairs, they will make better and more informed decisions than those who are simply given a report from a consultant.

Some of the most high-profile people in the business use the service to help set policy, for example. How important is that to you?

Quite important. What people do at Rover is very important to us.

How much time do you spend on the software side?

Not very much, actually. If it’s not very important to you, you won’t use it. However, there is a good reason for that. Some companies spend over £1m of money per month installing, configuring, and maintaining their software.

How do you choose our consultants?

It has got to be the right company. You don’t know what the right price is, you just know there had better be somebody you’ve worked with before.

Do you want to hire more software engineers? Is the market growing?

Not really. I mean, yes, our software is getting better, but it’s still just a small fraction of the technology for the same value as a decade ago.

When you want to hire somebody for your project, what are some of the criteria you use? Do you do some market research?

I do a lot. I talk to a lot of suppliers. I’m not very picky about who I go for. But what I will look for is a team that is doing real technical analysis of what is actually possible,

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