Do I need a license to sell animals? – Pet Product News

Yes, you need a licence to sell animals. The requirements for being registered with the RCA, or to receive their approval for the sale of animals, are outlined below.

Minimum Licence Requirements

A person who wants to sell pets may require a valid licence from the RCA. This licence must contain the following information:


E-mail Address

Phone Number

Raccoon Rabies Control Licence – $25.00

(Please note that our office will not issue a Rabies Control Licence to those living outside their municipality.)

The rabies control licence is valid for one year, provided the owner has the required knowledge to prevent rabies from becoming a health problem at their property.

What do I need to do to comply with requirements outlined by the RCA?

You must not sell animals without a licence and complete the registration form at least 10 days before you intend to offer for sale.
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Raccoons and skunks

To comply with health and animal hygiene standards in Ontario, any person selling animals that are either an animal or a product from an animal must have a licence. The licence, and other requirements, are detailed below.

Minimum Qualifications

A person who wants to sell raccoons or any part thereof must require a valid licence from the RCA. The licence, and other requirements, are outlined below, in more detail.

Exemptions and conditions:

Raccoons and skunks must not be used for breeding, pet shops or other purposes which would be harmful to the health of wildlife and their environment.

Raccoons may be used for the hunting of wildlife only if they are used only for hunting specifically. The RCA is not responsible for hunters not using the raccoon for scientific purposes.

Licences can vary according to ownership and types of business. For more information about licensing, visit the RCA’s Licensing website . Please note it can take up to 30 days for your licence to be effective.

. Please note it can take up to 30 days for your licence to be effective. All other species or all animals (crocodiles, skunks, skunks or wild mammals) of any kind which are not native to Ontario (but found in Ontario) may not be sold by any person. All individuals selling prohibited species or animals should have a licence.

Licenses are issued monthly and once issued no fees will be

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