What size ukulele is easiest? – Best Beginner Ukulele Songs

We asked ukulele enthusiasts everywhere via email, the answer to that question could be found in the comments under this post.

What sizes do ukuleles come in?

From the first review, it’s obvious that it took a large sample size to reach 100% agreement on ukuleles size. It’s an important question to answer, not because we don’t trust your comments, but because this was one issue that seemed to have been missed among the large number of reviewers – what sizes are best for you?

“I use an iut as a ukulele but I can’t play in my car with the uke in place, it sounds funny and hurts my ears”

You want a ukulele that is comfortable; a ukulele that is comfortable for you. This is what the majority of our readers picked:

A big number of us said you can’t play on the iut with the uke in place in the car, as it sounds funny.

“I like how my uke looks when I play it in my car … I can hear it better…”

“The sound is louder when I’m sitting on the wheel and the neck seems to be slightly longer”

Most of our readers picked standard ukulele sizes ranging from 7 to 8 1/2″, with another 4-5% choosing a size 2.

What’s the best size for me?

We asked several ukulele enthusiasts to weigh in on the same topic and you can find their answers below.

Why would I choose the size 9 ukulele?

Most of you said that 9 is the optimum size for a beginner ukulele, as the 8-string can have a high output and an annoying string noise.

“The 8-string is not comfortable. I wish I could play it for longer in my car.”

“7.5 size 9 is better than the 7,6 and 7.5 that the old-timers use,” said one user from England.

“The 7.6 has one too much “gull.” The 7 5/8 size has one too much “whisk,” and the 7.5 is too hard and doesn’t sound as good as the smaller 7.”

“I bought a 7 5/8 from a good seller at a fair price. Very satisfied with the performance. Just what I am

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