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Can I go to your mom?

Your mom or father can give you advice. They could ask how you would like to practice with some music you prefer. It could even be a song you like, or you could ask if you can play. In a way, your mom can give you an ear for what works best. Your dad can tell you what is working and what isn’t. The more you practice with music with a good voice and an easy tone set, the better is a ukulele will sound. Practice what you enjoy and don’t stress about what you can’t do yet.

How can I find a ukulele class?

You can find a ukulele class at the local ukulele clubs or at college or university music halls. Look before you leap. Ask around for other people who have practiced with a ukulele. You can also search online for music instructors that offer classes. Some ukulele teachers may have been teaching in the same space or may have been teaching the same type of music with similar ukulele-related vocabulary in the past. Some of these teachers might have classes at your local ukulele club that offer lessons or teaching opportunities. Check with your school or community college for information on clubs or music classes where ukulele lessons are offered.

A ukulele player with no previous ukulele playing experience is just as capable of a new ukulele tone as a highly experienced and skilled ukulele player. You can learn from both the teacher and from each other.

Ukulele playing may be easy or difficult. But it may take years to learn and it is never too late to start again.

You can buy ukulele lessons at music stores or online at a local ukulele club or online at a university ukulele program. Or it doesn’t matter! You can even do it without music. Just be sure to find an ukulele instructor who is a teacher.

Don’t give up easily! The more you practice and learn, the better your music will sound.

What ukulele practice tips can you share?

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