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They were trying to prove that the world was going through a transformation.
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And it was this that I was thinking about the other day in the interview I gave on the show. In my view the world is getting transformed. And the world I mean not just in America or in London, you know, or maybe New York but everywhere it does. People are waking up to this stuff. People are waking up to the things they’ve been doing to themselves for so long. And they are saying, ‘There are reasons for it, we know what we’re doing.’

We don’t live in a time of people thinking the way that you did.

It’s really important that what you are saying is understood by all Americans because what you are saying is actually true. And then I would say that it’s important to understand, first of all, the fact that there are two Americas. One is the one we do understand. The other one is the one we don’t understand. We don’t know which one it’s going to be or what is going to happen.

And you see that, for example, we have a situation in Latin America, Brazil, where they take out their political revolution all at once. And, you know what? You can see it happening again over here. We all do have a responsibility. People are waking up that their whole way of thinking about it is wrong and it’s wrong for things to remain that way. And you don’t know what the hell is going on in the future. You can see this.

The other thing that the people who actually know the future are saying today is this. People on the right don’t have this conviction about the future. They said, ‘Well, we’ll know the future. We already have a plan that is in place for something.’ But now you see the people on the left coming out with these plans that they don’t consider correct because they do not live in the reality of democracy. Not only that, they don’t see what a democratic society looks like.

They don’t see a democracy that puts the public on a level with the public and says, ‘This is what’s going to keep the world and this is what needs to be kept in existence.’

So it’s really important to understand the world is not like that anymore. It’s not the right way. It’s not the American way. It’s not the way of the majority in America, in Britain and so on. So the people

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