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What can I do for you?

Why are you wearing this?

Is this your costume?

Who is this?

What do you think is my costume?

Why have I been summoned?

Will you follow me?

Let’s go out in a flash!


I’m wearing this for the music.

What? It’s so hot out here.

The way you walk…

The way you look at me…

I’m a man in search of a girl.

I’ve been looking for her all day.

I want to be her.

But she never came.

Can you help me?

What kind of guy are you?

What do you want to do with me?

I want to buy that girl a drink here.

What does your father like to do?

Why don’t we go somewhere private?

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I was at a party the other night.

I don’t think we’re as good as we seem.

I just think we’re very close.

He’s got this kind of face.

He’s just like that other guy–he doesn’t know he’s the other guy.

We go around as the same group.

He looks at you every so often.

I know you’re afraid.

We’re friends, but we’re only friends in a mental way.

What do you think is my costume?

I’m going to have to make you take a picture of me wearing my costume.

I’m trying to decide what to put in my mouth.

It’s not my fault if we all feel like this…

I feel sorry for my brother.

They put him in that room!

I’m not ready.

He’s not even ready.

I think I’m going to hate this job.

It’s nothing personal.

Look at me!

You don’t want to be a guy…

There’s something about women…

If you love a girl, you have to be with her.

I’m not going to be yourself…

I have this whole thing going on, what if I don’t?

I’m feeling a little different.

I have to say it!

I wish the men were different

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